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Gustavo G. M. Venegas

, Black Bee Drones Team

Gustavo G. M. Venegas is the representative of Black Bee Drones team, responsible for mechanical design and structural assemble for autonomous drones, which aims for humanitarian missions. He is constantly enhancing knowledge in order to improve autonomy, weight and costs of unmanned aerial vehicles. Due to the high price of spare parts in Brazil, he develops new frames designs using 3D printed material and wood. He is a former mechanical engineering student from Portland State University and Co-Founder of HoverUp, a Drone based startup for oil and gas inspections. Mr. Venegas now represents Federal University of Itajubá in Brazil, winners of third place at IMAV competition in Aachen, Germany and Special Award for being the only undergraduate team able to complete the missions. His work allowed the team to go further and represent his university in several countries such as Germany, China, France and now United States.