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Joshua Ziering


Joshua Ziering is the Co-Founder of venture-backed, a real time drone operations and management platform for enthusiasts and commercial operators . Ziering is also a founding member of the Unmanned Aviation Safety Team: an industry and government coalition to proactively address safety concerns in unmanned aircraft.

Ziering has been flying all manner of drones and model aircraft for 15 years. He has piloted everything from a 15 foot Taco Bell Chalupa Blimp to 40 pound 150cc aerobatic aircraft. As an accomplished flyer, Ziering has flown professionally for the NHL, ABC Television and various manned-aviation airshows.

When not bending the sticks on model aircraft, Ziering enjoys flying in experimental manned aircraft and is very (some would say TOO) close to completing his private pilot certificate.

Ziering is a self-taught programmer with a flair for entrepreneurship. After studying Poetry at Arizona State, Ziering started and sold several successful businesses.