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Philip McGillivary

Science Liaison, US Coast Guard

As Science Liaison for Coast Guard PACAREA, Dr. Phil McGillivary coordinates science issues for the Coast Guard for the Pacific Ocean. His responsibilities include management of science conducted using Coast Guard aircraft, buoytenders, and other assets, as well as high latitude science conducted on icebreakers managed by the Coast Guard. He previously worked in the Office of Secretary of Defense after a post-doc at NOAA in Monterey, California through a joint appointment with the Naval Postgraduate School, and an earlier post-doc at the Marine Science Institute of the University of California, Santa Barbara. His doctorate in Ecology from the University of Georgia on biogeochemical fluxes at fronts along the Gulf Stream followed employment at the NOAA oceanographic laboratory in Miami, Florida. His experience includes more than two years at sea on research vessels and submersibles. He is currently a member of the FAA Unmanned Aircraft Remote Operating Area Working Group (ROAWG) and Navy/National Science Foundation Scientific Committee on Oceanographic Aircraft Research (SCOAR).