Conference Exhibitor

Exhibitor Company Description:
SKYF is an unmanned VTOL aerial carrier. SKYF unique aerodynamic design is based on the combination of internal combustion engine (ICE) lifting rotors and separate control electric rotors. ICE gives SKYF lifting power and range while electric motors give stability. The carrying capacity of SKYF is up to 550 lbs, its flight range is up to 210 miles (with payload of 110 lbs) and its flight duration is up to 8 hours (with payload of 110 lbs).

SKYF based vehicles may serve very different commercial purposes including logistics, crop dusting, firefighting, fish search to name a few.

Right now company develops SKYF AGRO, SKYF CARGO, SKYF FOREST and SKYF MARINE modifications and open for cooperation with third party developers who want to use SKYF concept to build their own UAS.