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Get actionable intelligence. Make more informed decisions. Share great stories.

Survae brings missing context to aerial and ground-based video. We connect your video to your own maps, shapefiles and public maps, providing context that is unique to your needs. We automate the manual and time-consuming process of requesting aerial videography by using maps, too.

Survae connects your videos to a Google map as a starting point, then allows you to bring as much additional context as you need.

We make it easy to connect your videos to an almost unlimited number of public and private maps, from parcel data to satellite imagery to federal, state and local government maps.

And, of course, all of your own maps and shapefiles can be uploaded and are instantly connected to your video.

Use any of these maps as the basis for defining and requesting aerial videography, too, from your own UAVs or from contractors.

You can use any map to find and play your videos, once uploaded to Survae, and to share within or outside your organization.

Survae works with all sorts of other imagery, too, including multispectral.

We also enable time-lapse functionality to easily observe change over time at a particular location.

And we do it all without a steep learning curve or high cost.

Survae makes sharing contextual video easy, too. Link. Embed our video/map player on any website.

Survae is the only platform that enables you to work with disparate sources of data-enabled video all in one place.

We also provide efficient cloud-based storage for all your content, optimized for fast uploading and downloading. We encode in a wide variety of web sizes from 480p to 4k (plus keep all your original files), so it's easy to share your video/maps with a wide audience.