Conference Exhibitor

Exhibitor Company Description:
Paris Geospatial is small business in Clovis, CA, and an Authorized Reseller of MicroImages, Inc., software products. Paris Geospatial also develops customized processes that run via map and image processing scripts on MicroImages software, e.g., TNTedit Pro or TNTmips Pro. Of special interest to drone operators, Paris Geospatial has processing tools and scripts that handle multispectral images taken by rig camera systems such as from MicaSense, Sentera, or MAPIR. These are called the Remotely Operated Agriculture Mapping (ROAM(TM)) processes and scripts. ROAM processes are designed to run on a local computer with an emphasis on rapid process, quickly done after the drone has landed, and on preparing files so that third party mosaicking software will also run faster with better results. Paris Geospatial also has processing scripts for handling manned-aircraft based image files and satellite-based image files. We go "Beyond NDVI" in our analytics to get vegetation information about both biomass density and leaf pigmentation. Come visit Booth 111 and confer with Dr. Jack Paris and with his drone, aircraft, and satellite coops who also will be there.