Conference Exhibitor

Exhibitor Company Description:
Airborne Innovations is a supplier of advanced sub-miniature HD video + command and control links, such as the MicroraptorHD, Picoradio and the PicoRaptor series. Our new Picoradio OEM board is a tiny 40x40mm command and control / video capable / SBUS multi channel datalink. Picoraptor is a miniature HDMI input video compression board, and Picocamera is a miniature 720p global shutter camera with integrated compression board, and both integrate with Picoradio to create miniature 5+ mile capable video / command and control links. Our Aerial Inspection System is a combined video + 20 megapixel camera which integrates with Picoradio and an optional infrared camera. We are also introducing our Raptor4K product, a 4K long range wireless video payload with 20x controllable zoom camera and and available with an optional integrated gimbal. We are also a provider of custom unmanned vehicle software/payload services and advanced custom imaging solutions. The Airborne Innovations team can create custom payload hardware and software, and create custom unmanned vehicle hardware and software systems to solve your problems.